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The European truck manufacturers have admitted that they were guilty of a serious violation of EU competition rules and were fined over £2.5bn. We believe that you paid too much for trucks you purchased or leased during the cartel and for a period afterwards and that you are entitled to compensation.

Broadly speaking, you are entitled to claim for the difference between what you paid for your trucks and what you would have paid if the cartel had not existed.

As the trade body dedicated to the road transport industry, the RHA believes that it is incumbent on it to lead the legal action against the truck manufacturers. You do not need to be a member of the RHA to join the RHA’s collective claim.


Read our Claim Summary which explains in plain English the structure of the Truck Cartel legal action.


Watch our video about the scandal and find out more about the case.

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On the 19th July 2016 the European Commission issued a press release confirming the existence of a price fixing cartel among European truck manufacturers