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The process for joining the claim

Many thanks for showing interest in joining the RHA’s collective claim.

Before your business can sign up formally to the claim and become a claimant in the litigation, you first need to complete a few questions about your business. This process has a few steps which are outlined below:

  1. Registration, this current page and form below is for the basic information we need about your business.
  2. Understanding the claim, the next page is an explanaition of the claim itself
  3. Before you Begin, the specifcs and requirements of yourself in the claim
  4. The Terms, three key documents that you need to be agreed to.
  5. The Authority, final confirmation of the agreement, without this your claim is not complete.

You can join the RHA’s collective claim if:

  • you purchased or leased trucks between 17 January 1997 and 17 May 2019;
  • the trucks were 6 tonnes or over; and
  • the trucks were registered in the UK – you can also claim for trucks --registered in other European countries if you also had trucks registered in the UK.

Once you have completed the questions below, you will be sent an email with a link which will then take you to the formal part of the sign-up process.

The whole process (including answering the questions below) should be quick and straightforward but it is important that you complete all the steps and answer all the questions as fully and accurately as possible.

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