Hearing date set for RHA Collective Proceeding Order application

Jan 25, 2019 1:54:18 PM | Media Coverage

The RHA attended a case management conference in the Competition Appeal Tribunal on 12 December 2018. The purpose of the case management conference was to provide a timetable for the next steps in the case, including setting a date upon which the Tribunal will consider the RHA’s application for a collective proceedings order.

The Tribunal, amongst other orders, directed that the hearing of the RHA’s application to be certified as class representative will take place on 3-7 June 2019.

Please click below to view the order of the tribunal or the transcript of the case management conference.

RHA Trucks Order from Case Management Conference 121218 (1282-1289)


RHA Trucks Transcript 121218 (1282-1289)

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